Can you bring a Charater to life ??? =0

hello readers,

This is another one of my English assignments. We were all given sentences to start our story of, my sentence was   A mysterious box was sitting on the doorstep. So keep reading hope you readers enjoy

Halloween Chaos

A mysterious box was sitting on the doorstep. It was Halloween night. Max could feel the cold breeze brush against his golden hair. Max stared at the gift box on his doorstep. The gift box was oval; it had a pumpkin face on it. The face had an evil smile starring right back at Max. Max slowly picked it up, all the sudden Max had Goosebumps all over his arms. Max held it and entered his house. Max was egger to open it. While Max took of his jacket, his mom came out from the kitchen. “Max dear, your home early, how did Halloween turn out for you? I hope it’s better than last year.” Asked Mrs. Frank. Mrs. Frank then noticed Max holding a gift box. “Who gave you that gift?” asked Mrs. Frank. Max flinched, “hmm…m..ouh…one of my friend, he’s new around here “said Max. “Why don’t you rest up, until that I’ll set the table” said Mrs. Frank.

Max grabbed the box and walked upstairs. Max went in his room and locked the door. Max put the box on his bed. There was a tag on it, Max looked at it, but it was blank. The pumpkin face with the evil smile bugged Max. Max slowly unboxed it. It was Empty! , but then Max looked carefully and saw a small piece of paper. Max took it, Slowly Max unwrapped it. There was something written on it.

It said: Dear Victim

If you are reading this, I want you to come meet me at the abandoned house on 5th avenue by midnight. Make sure you are Alone, or ELSE……………………..

Max shivered by reading this. He dashed down stairs, put on his jacket. Max ran as fast as he could to 5th avenue. Max ran throw the cold breeze at midnight. Max was almost out of breath. Max stopped and bent down to his knees and took deep breaths. After a while Max started running again. He was just a few blocks away from. Max finally reached the abandoned house. The house had broken windows and was all busted up. Max noticed two green eyes staring right at him from the window; it reminded Max of the evil smile on the pumpkin face. The eyes started moving! They came closer! Suddenly a black cat jumped out of the window and dashed off.

Max sighed, he took a deep breath and walked forward the broken door. Max stepped up on the front porch. Max was standing in front of the door. The door had broken spaces. Max look inside but he could only see complete Darkness. Max turned the knob, made such horrible noise. The Door was know wide open. Max winked inside but all he could see was Darkness. Max stepped inside and started walking.

All So the Sudden from the Darkness, Pumpkin faces started to glow! There were everywhere! All with the Evil smile staring at Max! Max was so frighten that he could feel his own Heartbeat. It was really fast! Max started to get dizzy. All he could see was the dim light from the light post outside and the Pumpkin with evil smiles staring at him. Max got dizzy and fell on the floor and banged his head. Max’s eyes where slowly closing. Few seconds before Max fainted see was a foot.

After many hours Max opened his eyes. To his surprise he was in a wooden coffin!! Max’s Heart started beating again faster and faster. Max was compressed in the coffin, He started banging and kicking the wood as hard as he could. Max couldn’t breath and his heart was beating so hard, it almost hurt. Max then began to get dizzy. He thought to himself that he wasn’t dizzy, this was his end. Slowly as Max said goodbye to the world, his eyes shut tightly.

“He is one of the few survivors” said a deep voice. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM DYING!!!!” Shouted Max. Max jumped from his sleep, and was on the hospital bed with his back straight. It happened so fast everyone in the room was frozen. Max looked around the room, he noticed there was something on his mouth and noise. It was one of those breathing machines. Max felt pain on is left arm, he looked at it. One of those Drips was attached to his arm, when Max woke up shouting then injection cause injury to his arm and there was blood on the floor and his blanket. Max took of the Breathing machine and asked “w..hhatts…gooin..Ooon ??”.

“You are one of the survivors” Replied the doctor. “Survivor??” asked Max. “ His name his the puppet master , He hates every kid on earth. In 1989 on a cold Halloween night, few kids and teenagers burned his house. His was Anne, died in the fire. Before this event He loved kids. His name was Barry. Anne and Barry were going to have a baby. But Anne died and their unborn child died too.” Explained the Doctor. “ He then buried most of the kids, but luckily our army men rescued them in time.” Said the Doctor. Mrs. Frank got up and hugged Max. “It’s Ok mom I am safe know, he hugged his mom tightly.

Can you bring a Character to LIFE ?? =0

Hello readers, this is one of my English assignments, we have to find a picture of a person and bring them to life XD

so here is mine hope u like it



This girl’s name is Jane Butler. She is 8 years old. Jane and her family live in San François. Her Older brother whose name is Michael works in the Navy. Jane goes to California Elementary School. She is in 2nd Grade. Jane is a respectful and kind girl; she helps out all her friends. When Jane grows up she wants to be a Doctor. Jane and her friends play Doctor together. Jane wants to be a Doctor because she wants to help all the sick people.



and yeah I am a Fan of Naruto

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thts me, this was a fun project, we had read a book and dress up as one of the Charters, i read Artemis fowl and the time vortex, i dressed up as Artemis fowl’s bodyguard hahahaha =)

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